Weather Underground

Arbormoon built an industrial strength weather powerhouse of an app for Weather Underground.
Weather Underground for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Android, is your everything weather app. This app provides hyper-local forecasts and current conditions, interactive radar, customizable alerts, and much more.

Arbormoon built an industrial strength weather powerhouse of an app for Weather Underground.

When we inherited the Weather Underground Android App, the Google Play Store ratings averaged 3.47, they had only collected 4,000 ratings in total, user growth was stagnating, and bugs were rampant in the app reflecting poorly on their brand and driving their ratings in the wrong direction.

Within four months, Arbormoon attracted over 31,000 ratings (675% increase) and raised the average rating to 4.4. The most recent version is currently at 4.6 stars. In those four months, the user base increased by 42%, reaching into the millions of users, and Google Play even took notice and featured the app on their homepage in most countries around the world (helping to accelerate growth even more!). Media outlets, such as PC Magazine (see quote), Latin Post, and BCG (see quote) lauded the app as best in class among fierce competition in the weather category.

During this time period, the design went through a major overhaul. The app was localized to ten new languages, and many popular new features were added. These new features included crowd reports, a first in the industry, where users report if the weather received through the app was accurate. Their reports show up on the map.

Arbormoon also built a sophisticated search that served as a favorites list as well, added the ability to designate a specific location of the status bar weather, and made significant improvements to the widget offering (a key feature of any weather app!). Another first, we created a graphical forecast chart (rather than the typical text based version) that allows the user to finely tune their forecast.

A key feature of the new app is the WunderMap section, which allows users to turn on up to ten layers at once, including radar, satellite, webcams, severe weather areas, and many more. Arbormoon is the only company to create such a feature for a weather app on Android.

Arbormoon employed rigorous testing to ensure the app performed well on devices of all shapes and sizes.

“Weather Underground strikes a balance between data and design to quickly deliver the facts you need before stepping outside. Its looks and thoughtful design make it the best Weather app for Android. It’s a solid Editors’ Choice for Android weather applications.” – PC Magazine, April 28, 2014


  • Became the 8th most popular weather app on Google Play in the United States
  • Ranked as high as 373 among ALL apps on Google Play in the United States
  • Ranked as high as 131 among ALL apps with widgets on Google Play in the United States
  • Reached record high rankings in almost every country across the globe that has Google Play
“Weather Underground’s Android app is a perfect example of software that features terrific functionality on Android that its iOS counterpart simply cannot achieve.” – BCG, April 7 2014

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