NMX Motion

The NMX Motion App allows photographers and filmmakers to connect to the Dynamic Perception NMX Motion Controller via Bluetooth LE and easily set up motion control time-lapse and video moves. This intuitive app uses a virtual joystick to set start and end points for 3 axis moves then program the characteristics. All settings from how long it will take to travel between the start and end points to calculated video length are available on the program setup screen. The timelapse calculator gives instant feedback, if one setting is changed all effected parameters are recalculated instantly. Users have the ability to test fire timelapse intervals and to access advanced camera timing settings. When satisfied with the motion plan the app then commands the rig to return to it’s beginning position and execute the move. Once the motion is underway the app gives the user instant feedback on shots, time remaining and calculated video time for time-lapse setups. While the NMX controller is running the motion program the NMX Motion app can be closed and the mobile device can even be powered down to conserve energy during long shots. Shooters can reconnect to the NMX at any time for status updates or to pause/stop the program.