Arbormoon develops apps for both major mobile platforms (iOS and Android). We’ve created apps that have soared to top of their category in both the App Store and Google Play. We’ve also created apps to serve nichè business needs.

We make apps to help your business thrive.



Mobile operating systems are constantly changing. New versions are released more and more frequently. Arbormoon always tries to build apps that are future-proof, but it is often impossible to foresee all possible complications that may be introduced by new operating system versions.

Arbormoon’s maintenance options will keep your apps up to date, so no matter how the sands shift under your users’ feet, they’ll always be able to use your app.


Getting an app into the App Store is only the first hurdle in app stewardship. Let the experts handle the difficult administration tasks for you.

  • Updates
    • Metadata changes
    • Changelogs
    • New screenshots
  • Analytics
    • Collecting user data
    • Analysing behavior
    • Implementing changes based on data
  • Training
    • Teaching employees how to use app
    • Troubleshooting with employees


Some features cannot be designed at the outset of your app’s design process. They have to be worn away like a footpath by users spending time with your app.

When your users demand those new features, you can count on Arbormoon to implement those solutions.


All good things must come to an end, including every app. Whether you decide to retire your app or redesign it from the ground-up, Arbormoon has decades of experience managing the transition from one solution to another for organizations of all sizes and complexity.