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Happy New UX!

February 6 @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

TEKSystems will be sponsoring food/drinks at the event.

This is a joint meetup event with the Ann Arbor Experience Design with Agile & Lean UX :


What does it take to craft a great experience for new users of a product? Once you’re ready to move past MVP-stage, having learned what you needed to learn, there’s still more to think about than merely what capability to give our potential users and how that translates into functionality for the team to build. Enter the concept of “New UX”. Join Scott Showalter for an enlightening take on the idea of transforming new users into power users. 

It’d be nice if we could all perfect our intuition skills and create absolutely 100% intuitive products 100% of the time, but that’s more fantasy than reality. Thus, we need to leverage techniques that help us make our new users feel awesome!

You’ll learn: 
* A multitude of wrong ways to teach/train users on how to use their new product, with considerations for short attention spans and cognition limits. 
* How to craft contextual onboarding that simplifies the learning curve by delivering learnings at the last responsible moment to prevent information overload. 
* How we can leverage thought experiments to teach us what the right kinds of contextual learning should be. 
* What empty states are, and how you need to think about them in the context of your product and your users’ goals in order to make them useful. 
* Who your new users are, and how they naturally and often unknowingly group themselves into specific cohorts that will inevitably cause friction when trying to grow the user base. 
* Tips and tricks to overcome those growth struggles to drive adoption early and often. 
* What marketing debt is, and how it affects your ability to grow the longer you ignore it 
* How we can make new users keep coming back, through consideration of habit formation tactics 


Scott Showalter is the organizer of A2 Experience Design with Agile & Lean UX ( Helping people grok the tenants of Agile, Lean & human-centered design is what drives Scott to coach and lead teams of people towards a trajectory of success with the products they develop. Scott embraces wild unknowns as an agile experience consultant, mentoring teams in agile formation, framing problems in meaningful ways, and understanding all possibilities for various mobile, Web and wearable products they’re building, folding insight from real users into the development process early and often, and helping them frequently deliver nominal chunks of impactful value to people on the other side of their products.


February 6
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
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