Our Story

Long before applications became apps and computers fit into our pockets, Dave Koziol was building software. After being exposed to computers early in his life, he developed a lifelong passion for programming.

Seeing the great potential of mobile software platforms, Koziol founded Arbormoon Software, Inc. in 2004. Together, with his trusted cadre of designers, programmers, project managers, and strategists, Koziol has lead Arbormoon to massive success.

Arbormoon has always had a primary emphasis on quality. To that end, the company is committed to utilizing in-house talent. We never outsource.

The mobile space has matured. iOS and Android have dominated all other rivals. Arbormoon has followed the rising tide alongside these platforms. The majority of our projects specifically target these two platforms.

Arbormoon has deployed software projects for companies on the Forbes 500 as well as the leanest start-ups.

Remember Palm Pilots? Arbormoon built software for them. Arbormoon did mobile before we called it, “mobile.” With over a decade of experience in completing projects on-time and within budget, you can trust Arbormoon to turn ideas into software.


Dave Koziol, Arbormoon’s founder, leads the Ann Arbor Cocoaheads, and is the co-founder of Mobile Monday’s Ann Arbor chapter. He is a highly sought-after speaker and instructor at conferences such as 1DevDay Detroit, CocoaConf, MobiDevDay, and M3 Conf.


Our Process


We build the software necessary to bring your ideas to life and solve your problem.


Your app idea or software need is a seed. That seed could take root just about any place. Together, we will find the most fertile soil to plant your seed of an idea to make sure it grows.


Arbormoon’s designers and developers work diligently to help your ideas germinate into a fully fledged software solution that fulfills your needs.


While we try to nip issues in the bud, there are bound to be bugs in any software project. Arbormoon tests every stage of development to weed out trouble before it becomes a problem.


New requirements are bound to arise over time as hardware and software needs change. Arbormoon is committed to foreseeing those issues and proactively solving them.


All software eventually fulfills its duties and must evolve into its next iteration. Arbormoon will be there for you when that day comes.


We build the software necessary to bring your ideas to life and solve your problem.